Product as a Subversive Mode of Communication (2021)

BC Wine explores Multi-Level Marketing as a seductive and sinister distribution model through product development, media coverage, and the apology video.

BC Wine was inspired by extreme capitalism, the “Karen” aesthetic, and the ethics of the apology video. The beverages themselves have 300 mg of caffeine and 15% ABV, making them extremely harmful to the everyday consumer but by loopholes in the FDA Drug Administration Act, are perfectly reasonable to sell.

Due to this, I staged a mock “event” showing the consequences BC Wine (& various other MLMs) could have on their customers in a completely over-the-top way. In further iterations, I also wanted to explore the phenomenon of the “notes-app-apology” and other ways on which we apologize online. After toying around with different AI softwares, I coded a bot to script the apology video below. The robotic nature of the apology speaks to the fake fodder people use to assuage heinous crimes. Rather than a PSA, BC Wine is a think piece for the modern age.